The Czech Republic started the competition of young beekeepers in 2010 and the settled tradition continued in Warth in Austria in 2011 where the second year of the meeting took place. This was a very well-organized event in which both the bee as well as entertainment and sociability were not neglected. The understanding of young people across the borders should be, in this era of globalization, developed and not taken for granted.

An interest group from Switzerland has offered to hold this event in 2012 which was welcomed and accepted by the participants of two previous years in a very positive way. Thanks to this appreciated vote of confidence we feel inspired to offer the participants of this year's event in CH-3052 Zollikofen in the School of agriculture Inforama as a wonderful venue. In the days of 9th to 12th July 2012, the school is available exclusively for the competition.
Since over time, this competition is supposed to become larger and there are more and more participating countries expected, we limited the number of participants from each participating country to 3 young people from the ages of 12 to 16. As the determining day for participation we set 1st January 2012 on which 16 years of age may not yet be accomplished. Each team consists of 3 participants and one guardian who has overall responsibility for its participants during the time of the stay. The team represents its home country during the entire competition.
The arrival day is planned for 9th July 2012 and the arrival itself should be scheduled until 5 pm. The 10th and 11th July are reserved for the competition and many beneficial activities. Departure is planned for 12th July 2012 during the morning. In the time between dinner on 9th July and breakfast on 12th July the participating groups of four are guests of Switzerland who will pay for all board and lodging costs. The arrival and departure is organized by the participants themselves at their own cost.
For accommodation there are more-bed rooms available. Sheets will be provided by the school.
The competition includes the following disciplines:
o) Manual work with bees (a real colony of bees)
o) Microscoping
o) Recognition of beekeeper´s tools
o) Beekeeping-connected plants teaching
o) Academic knowledge
The participants are expected to have some experience with dealing with a live colony of bees. Of course, experienced beekeepers are available and are ready to help at any time if necessary. Because of contagion policy reasons there will be no wearing of own beekeeper’s protective clothing. This clothing will be available on site for free.
The general language in this event will be specifically English in addition to German but there is also the possibility of translation into Czech, Slovak and Russian. The questions in the theoretical test will be translated into the language of each participant.
There is sufficient time for sports or cultural activities. The organizers of this leisure time will prepare and offer an interesting and varied program. Comfortable clothing appropriate for play and sports is highly recommended. We also ask each team to prepare a presentation of about 10 minutes. During a social evening, each group will present its country. Each participant can choose the form and content of their presentation.
If you do not feel competent as a contact person, we would like to ask you to pass this letter on to a relevant person. It would also be nice if you could publish an article about this competition in your local beekeeping newspaper. We want this competition to become an important tradition which should emphasize the common desire and interests of beekeepers even across national borders.
We would be very delighted if you accepted our invitation. In the case of participation, we expect your binding confirmation by 20st March 2012.
For the organization:
Main organizer:
Heinrich Leuenberger
Ji?í Píza


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