Insect Pollinators and Pollination Ecology

I August arrangeres et NOVA Intensive MSc-course om Insektpollinatorer og pollineringsøkologi i Finland.

Time: 12-18 August, 2012 (NOVA summer window, week 33)

Place: University of Helsinki, Tvärminne Zoological Research Station, Hanko, Finland

Intended for: Students at the NOVA-UN partner universities, majoring in applied entomology

(including apiculture), environmental sciences, horticulture, plant production

sciences, etc. For NOVA students, all expenses are covered by NOVA and NordPlus.

Level: Advanced undergraduate/graduate students

Credits: 3 ECTS

Aim: The goal of this course is to critically review data on pollinator declines and its reasons; to

learn the types and roles of different insect pollinators and their ecology vs. plant ecology; to

learn ways to improve pollination of crop and wild plants. The students will learn about the

role of pollination in insect and plant ecology, pollinator attraction (insect and plant features),

foraging behaviour, the role of environmental changes; and habitat restoration.

Modus operandi: Lectures (20 h), lab practices (10), demonstrations (10), excursions (5), group

work (15), own study (20)

Teachers: Dr. Otto Boecking (Celle, Germany), Dr. Yoko Dupont (Aarhus, Denmark), MSc

Anne-Lene Aase (Aas, Norway), Dr. I. Menzler-Hokkanen (Helsinki, Finland), prof.

Heikki Hokkanen (Helsinki, Finland)

Registration and enquiries: by email to




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