International Meeting of Young Beekeepers

From 9th to 12th July took place 3rd year of IMYB - International Meeting of Young Beekeepers, this year in Prague. Young beekeepers from 14 countries took part in the competition and they shared they knowledge and experience.

To better ilustrate you the event, you can have a look on the photos ( and ) or on the programme
( ).
Next year, the meeting will be held in Münster in Germany at the end of June. We expect to have teams of 3 young beekeepers of the age from 10 to 16 from 30 countries. Therefore, we are already now looking for countries which hasn't taken part yet. We would like to have one responsible for each country, who would be in contact with us during the year and who would select the team of 3 youths of the age 10-16 . I would be really glad if your young beekeepers could have the opportunity to take part of the event.
If you personally don't want to participate at the project, please, send me a contact information to persons who might be interested. Afterwards, the most active 30 countries will be officially invited to Germany.


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